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It takes courage to move forward (...) in your marriage

Remember the excitement and passion in the early days of your marriage? It’s natural that intensity can’t be sustained indefinitely. The pace and pressures of life place enormous strains on marriages. It takes courage to move forward on the journey to a deep, authentic connection in your marriage. Jobs, children, extended family and a million other distractions slowly erode the simplicity and joy we once experienced every time we thought of our lover.

Do you want a "Great Marriage"?

A great marriage is built with fearless passion, courageous hearts and opportunities for discovery.

Move beyond feeling stuck and rekindle joy and passion. The Dance of Marriage Workshop re-builds vital connections, restores intimacy and forges strong bonds that last a lifetime.

Take a break

from the crazy pace of life and stoke your passion for each other. Forget routine and have fun with your spouse.

Rediscover Yourselves

together. Re-create the dance that is uniquely your own. Learn how to engage your whole heart with each other.