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Love for Life

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This workshop is for married or committed couples. If you are single / divorced, you might enjoy "How to Avoid Falling for a Jerk" instead

Registration Includes:

  • Two bound workbooks, one for each spouse
  • Emotional Vocabulary Chart
  • One set of speaking and listening floor mats to share
  • Thrive Sphere Relationship Profile
  • Two sets of Pocket Cards
  • Two Awareness Wheel pads


YMCA - locations specified on the registration page

Phone:(386) 425-5210


In the United States, a couple gets divorced every 27 seconds. More marriages split than remain together. In almost every instance, at least one person desperately wants the marriage to work. Perhaps you are the other spouse, or a child, or a relative or friend who can recommend our program. Maybe your heart is breaking because you see a marriage that is deeply in trouble, possibly headed straight for a divorce. You see the signs and know there is a train wreck coming, but haven't known how to solve the problem.

You may be the person who can make the difference.

Our program will give you the tools to get your marriage on the track to wholeness. We have called past participants and over 90% of Love for Life graduates are thriving together; years after completing the workshop. Dozens of separated couples and even a few divorced couples re-united. There is hope for you here.

Over 700,000 couples have attended a Love for Life workshop worldwide. This program has made the difference for married and unmarried participants. You and your partner can energize your relationship.

The Love for Life Workshop is comprised of five, two-hour sessions.

Workshop Goals

  • Understanding your partner
  • Become better communicators
  • Develop strong bonds
  • Collaborative conflict resolution and manage anger
  • Your privacy is respected

Session #1 – Choosing Collaborative Styles

  • The 7 Ingredients of a Collaborative Marriage
  • Pre-assessment
  • Identify ineffective and effective ways of talking and listening
  • Improve the quality of your communication
  • Demonstrations of the skills and processes
  • Practice of skills and processes with real issues of your own choice
  • Innovative tools to speed learning
  • Apply an Awareness Wheel to understand yourself and partner better
  • Learn 6 talking skills to connect in a clear and constructive way
  • Coaching and feedback on your use of skills as a couple
  • Application of your learning in real situations between sessions

Session #2 – Listening – the Language of Love

  • Applying the Listening Cycle to understanding issues
  • A guide to hot buttons, mis-firing and hidden agendas
  • Tuning in accurately to your partner
  • Re-directing hailstorms, avoiding turtle volcanos
  • Learn 5 productive listening skills
  • Coaching and feedback on your use of skills as a couple
  • Application of your learning in real situations between sessions

Session #3 – Mapping Issues and Brainstorming Solutions

  • Mapping Issues
  • Brainstorming solutions effectively
  • A 9-step process to combine talking and listening skills
  • Make decisions and resolve conflicts collaboratively
  • Avoid “why did I ever agree to that” scenarios
  • The skill of collaborating while avoiding compromise

Session #4 – Thriving Together

  • ThriveSphere is an on-line self-partner-relationship awareness tool
  • Comprehensive picture of your relationship on a single page
  • The tool is available through a trained ThriveSphere facilitator:
    • 67 questions that take 15 to 20 minutes
    • You and your partner to complete independently online.
    • Responses are mapped graphically
  • ThriveSphere "Chart"
    • Displays a couple’s strengths during conflict and separation
    • Captures the richness of your relationship
    • Provides insight into disagreement and mis-firing
  • Advanced computer visualization. Couples to “see” how they relate.
  • Ignites communication, collaboration and transformation